Jurisdiction OF Alabama Is UNDER Pressure TO REMOVE THE ENTIRE Victims’ Personal Info Online

In Montgomery, Alabama, the crime victims present in the states are pressurizing by asking the all the Alabaman courts to withdraw all sorts of personal information recorded in the public view of the judiciary websites.

The victims’ personal information such as the full name, telephone numbers, and even the full residential addresses which are indeed dangerous for them who are living in fear of getting attacked by the criminals. As per many victims to some dangerous situations, says that the personal information present in the websites is easy for such criminals to attack the victims without the police knowing it will come.

According to some analyzers, who says there are certain not all, types of criminals who don’t have moral, and will go to all the extents to get what they want, which includes hurting the loved ones of a witness or a victim. As, it is possible for an accused who is in prison, but his/her allies are outside and can harm the victim’s family without knowing the police. One of the most severe things according to the experts, which includes the sexual assault on the victim or any of their family members, which might come due to rage from the accused’s allies.

On the other hand, the state’s officials had made a statement, where they say that the state’s online judicial system does not have sufficient workforce to handle the situation for now, and also the clerks who insert personal data can’t be held responsible for the situation.

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