Facebook Came Up With a Plan to Build Internet Access Deployable Helicopters In Case Of Emergencies

Nearly after two years, Facebook is planning to make a new kind of helicopter that will be able to deploy internet access in the emergency hit areas.

Last time two years ago, Facebook tested its solar-powered planes to deliver internet access to remote locations, which was a successful test result, and now it wants to implement in the real circumstances like a vicious emergency.

According to the reports made in the conference of F8 Developers, Mark Zuckerberg said, he and his team of developers are planning to build a helicopter service which will be known as “Tether-tenna.” The main motive of the helicopter will be to provide the much-needed internet access to the region which suddenly got hit with an emergency, and no other internet service is present at the moment. This internet provider will be prepared in such a way that it’ll able to provide the service for months after it deployed in a place for a region.

After implementing the Tether-tenna, it will act as a virtual tower which will able to interact with all the possible devices that will be present in the region, and it’ll stand as an internet service provider. The helicopters will be small, and it will be connected with the fiber line and power system to deploy for months, as this will be linked to all the region’s devices until it released by the people who are repairing the permanent connection.

These helicopters will be solar-powered, so there is no chance of it getting machine failure, while it’s active.

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