A Toddler’s Death Leads Towards An 8-Year-Old Suspect

A Toddlers Death Leads Towards An 8-Year-Old SuspectIn Muskegon, Michigan, a local 8-year-old kid is a primary suspect in a toddler’s death, after his parents leave him in a Muskegon home day care and fund dead later, says police.

According to the Muskegon Police Chief Jeffery Lewis, who made a statement about this unpredictable incident, he said the body of the toddler was found cloaked in a bedroom of the home day care. There was a primary witness to the whereabouts of the dead toddler, and the witness is just a 5-year-old, but what did kill the toddler was not known by the 5-year-old. He simply said, the little boy was crying too much, and then 8-year-old came and dealt with the crying young toddler.

Lewis also said, the officials are not able to extract enough answers from the 5-year-old, as he is too little to handle the pressure, and thus couldn’t able to tell much about what exactly happen on that time in the home day care.

On the other hand, the mother of the dead toddler said, when she reached the home in the morning and going to pick up three children from the place, she found her youngest in a playpen lying dead, which was a big unpredictable moment for her. She left her three children in the home day care just the night before, and again when she came back to pick them up, she found this situation.

The 8-year-old has been taken into custody and also moved to a hospital where he will be evaluated mentally, because of his uncanny movements.

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