“Hell” The New Software, Used By Uber To Track Lyft Drivers

Hell The New Software, Used By Uber To Track Lyft DriversIn New York, NY, the transport company has secretly launched a new program which is codenamed as “Hell,” which is used to track the Lyft drivers if they are the competitor of Uber, or they are riding on two boats at the same time. This revelation of Uber’s spy software will again land them into another legal battle, as they are still enrolled and dealing with the sexual harassment cases as well as of sexism.

According to many reports, there are many alleged people who drive both the ride-hailing services, Uber and Lyft, which marked them as they are spying on their own employees. These allegations have not been proven yet, but it will be a breach of trust between a company’s employer along with its higher grade employees and its lower grade employees, here, the case of Uber cab drivers.

On the other news, this software system was supported and known only by a small group of employees of Uber, along with their CEO Travis Kalanick, says by an anonymous source as per the report, and it was also reported that the project was discontinued publically in 2016.

On the contrary, a statement has been made by the Lyft officials, which says they will investigate in this matter, and if these allegations come true, they will obviously take major legal action against the company.

Last month, there was another software is known as “Greyball” was surfaced, which able to identifies genuine identifiers among the riders who are collecting evidence against Uber, as if they are breaking local laws of governing taxis.

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