A Rare Case Of Burglary, Who Breaks Into A Home And Cooks Fried Chicken To Eat

A Rare Case Of Burglary, Who Breaks Into A Home And Cooks Fried Chicken To EatIn Alachua, Florida, an unusual incident happens to a homeowner, as a burglar invaded her house, and the only thing she was found of doing is to cook fried chicken inside the kitchen.

According to the homeowner Samantha O’Neil of the house which got invaded by an unknown person, as she arrived home with her sister and lonely to found a man in her kitchen, and cooking fried chicken from her freezer. “This incident just scares the hell out of me and my sister, who was more in shocked than me,” said O’Neil when she entered the house and saw a man in her kitchen, as she saw the unknown man was standing with a strainer and frying chicken.

On the other hand, O’Neil’s sister named Melissa Stanley said, the man was totally drunk and don’t know where he was; thus he made her sister’s house as his home and started cooking.

O’Neal rushed into the kitchen; she was scared and also braved enough to pick the man and threw him out of the house, and then called the Alachua County police for help. Later, the police caught the alleged burglar, as he was wondering around as he is into his world, and the police also came to know the identity of the man, who is a 34 year old local man named Ronald Wesley.

The motive of the man is still unknown to the media, but it was apparently thought Wesley was just hungry and started to the cook.

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