Nintendo Switch games for 2017

Nintendo Switch games for 2017Nintendo’s direct announcement event was today for the first time right from the launch of Nintendo’s Switch console and the gamers hoped more games to be added to the existing thin library.

First the big announcements were for the heavily-anticipated titles. Nintendo’s unusual new IP, the slinky-punch fighting game ARMS, is expected to come out in June. Today, the studio shared more footage and also expanded the list of boxing glove types and disclosed the elemental effects it would have on the part of players’ toolkits. Splatoon 2 , the studio’s cutesy multiplayer shooter comes out July 21st, with a new PvE mode and three themed amiibos pairing the game.

There were other news that also presented a mix bag of confirmed launch dates for brand new game and earlier known titles. On April 28th, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be coming out and that is already known, and Nintendo will host two online tournaments. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will be out on May 11th and it will contain a content pack of premade Mario areas and its characters. On May 26th the remixed classic Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers drops and this will include two new characters: Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. Project Mekuru, the multiplayer panel-flipping, is slated to come to the eShop in summer.

More ports are headed to the Switch of best-selling games. The Switch will see new two sonic games in 2017. The first, Sonic Mania, from the franchise’s 16-bit roots will be released in summer and Sonic Forces, a 3D adventure in winter.

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