L.A. Police Handcuffed and Detained Kylie’s Ex, Tyga

L.A. Police Handcuffed and Detained Kylies Ex, TygaThe recent time is not going in favor of Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga. After the most talked about the incident, the split from Kim’s sister Kylie, he got recently arrested by the L.A. police. Paparazzi were there and caught Tyga while he was getting handcuffed. Later, L.A. police led away from the ex-boyfriend of Kylie Jenner. Yikes, the incident happened on 11th of April.

The 27-year-old rapper, Tyga was caught by the police on Tuesday for driving his driving new car without license plates. He was allegedly in the Mercedes G-Series. The captured photographs showed that the rapper was talking about a group of L.A. police officers staying inside the car. Later he was handcuffed and took to the police vehicle. Finally, the police took him to the LAPD station situated in Hollywood.

Tyga has happily shared a picture of his new Mercedes G-Series on Instagram on the same day earlier. He told to the photographers later that he was arrested and being handcuffed just because of buying the new car. Tyga has made that comment while he was asked by the photographers, the reason of being arrested. According to Californian Law, every car driver must have the license plates on the vehicles. The car dealers provide initially the temporary license plates if the availability of permanent one is not possible.

Tyga and Kylie have parted away on last month. Tyga, 27 and Kylie, 19 have not been with each other since last month, despite no one confirms the split till date. On the social media accounts, the couple did not share pictures together recently as well.

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