Daughter Joins NYPD To Tribute Her Cop Father Who Died In The 9/11 Attacks

Daughter Joins NYPD To Tribute Her Cop Father Who Died In The 9 11 AttacksIn New York, an NYC cop who got killed in the attacks of 9/11, has got a huge tribute to his daughter, as she joins the New York Police Department to fulfill her father’s pride, and raise him as her idol for the rest of her life.

According to the report, a local to the Massapequa Park on Long Island, named Brittney Roy was sworn as a police officer along with 473 other recruits from the city’s police academy based in Queens, at a passing-out ceremony conducted on this Thursday. Brittney’s father, Sgt. Timothy Roy was an officer in the surface transit enforcement division of the New York Police Department, who died in the infamous terrorist attack of 9/11.

He was on duty in the Brooklyn Court when the deadly terror attack occurred, by striking two commercial planes into the then world’s tallest human-made structures of World Trade Center.

Soon after the attacks, Timothy Roy was rushed to the Lower Manhattan area to offer his help and was last seen in the by one of his colleagues by the site of the South Tower before it collapsed. His body was found many months later piled up in the debris of both the towers and then as late as in the next year’s month of March the debris cleaners excavated his remains and handed over to his family.

This was Brittney’s most pride moments, as she was just 7-year-old when her father died, and now she is 22 and wants to make her father pride.

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