A Car Occupied By Nine Teens Crashed To Evade Police, 2 Teen Died

A Car Occupied By Nine Teens Crashed To Evade Police, 2 Teen DiedIn Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas, on Sunday a car carrying nine teenagers, crashed into a tree after they try to evade a police chase, who was asked to stop the car with nine people inside including the driver. The crash leaving two dead and others injured, among the dead, are the driver and the front passenger, as per the police officials.

According to a statement made by the Lenexa Police Officials, all the car’s occupants were teenaged kids, and none of them knows to drive well, and when the police asked them to stop the car, they didn’t and instead they speed up the car, but crashed after a while. There were nine people seated-cum packed in the car, apart from the front row, which was seated only by the two teens, who are now dead. But, on the back seats, there were seven teenagers were seating in a fully packed way, which was one of the reasons that the officers asked them to stop the car, and the other is being the driver was under age and they were over speeding.

The police officials who asked them to stop the car was at 50, but on the other hand, the kid was more than 90 mph, which was too fast for the city limits.

The police spokesperson confirmed about the teens’ ages, among the dead, both of them were between 14 to 15-year-old, and also the children who were injured and seated on the back were aged between 14 to 16-year-old only.

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