Amazon will generate part-time jobs, but Americans ask for full-time work

Amazon will generate part-time jobs, but Americans ask for full-time workAmazon said it will generate in the U.S 30,000 part-time jobs. In the next year, the current number will be nearly doubled. Of those jobs, 25,000 will be jobs in warehouses and the other 5,000 will be home-based customer service positions. This is besides the 100,000 full-time jobs Amazon AMZN, -1.21% informed it would generate in the coming 18 months, many of these were planned, as per a separate announcement made in January. Amazon’s world-wide workforce last year grew by 48% reaching to 341,400 employees. In the U.S., it has over 70 “fulfillment centers” and full-time employees more than 90,000.

American workers seek flexibility and so are working part time or work from home, but such jobs enjoy fewer benefits. The Americans working part-time involuntarily rose since 2007 at 45% to 6.4 million by December 2016 reported the Economic Policy Institute. This institute said this sudden increase is because the workers are unable to find full time jobs and thus are forced to work or lower paying jobs to make their ends meet falling to less consistent hours. Besides, more of these part-time jobs between 2007 and 2015 were in leisure, retail and hospitality industries.

The work schedules of these part time workers vary with every week and receive a lower pay rate and there are no benefits such as paid time off and health insurance. Considering the full time workers the part-time men workers earn 19% and the women 9% per hour. More is that these involuntary part-time workers cannot save for retirement and in fact, they are not able to pay all the bills.

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