Ex-Dupont Employee Accused To Have Stolen More Than 20,000 Confidential Files

Ex-Dupont Employee Accused To Have Stolen More Than 20,000 Confidential FilesIn Newark, New Jersey, a former employee from DuPont is accused of stealing more than 20,000 confidential files from its former firm to strengthen his own newly started consultancy company as a retirement plan, the stealing accusation is made by federal prosecutors.

According to several federal prosecutors, accusations were made against a 61-year-old man named, Anchi Hou, who just being retired from DuPont Company, and now he is put under a house arrest after making his initial court appearance on Friday. Hou is charged with theft of trade secret for his own benefits, by prosecutors, who even mentioned, if he is not been punished then many others will get the courage to do the same kind of deeds in the same kinds of situations.

The prosecutors say Hou stole the files from the DuPont’s Sayreville facility in Middlesex County, New Jersey last year, which was intended for his own use, as those documents were very much crucial with much vital information that comes in many help to his new company.

The crucial contents of the files include several formulas, data and customer information, which are boundlessly related to the development of flexographic printing plate technology. Apart from the accusations of stealing classified files, Hou is also accused of taking pictures of the equipment and machinery layouts of DuPont, which are restricted areas of the company.

It is assumed, if Hou is convicted in these accusations, then he might get up to 10 years behind the bars, plus other fines will also be charged.

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