The World’s Largest Armed Forces Seems To Be Unprepared For ISIS Drone Threats

The Worlds Largest Armed Forces Seems To Be Unprepared For ISIS Drone ThreatsThe Islamic States have proven their capability in drone defense technology, by surveying over the heads of coalition forces in Iraq and Syria, and even drops grenades if necessary, which was never thought by the US Armed Forces.

According to reports, there are more than hundreds of sightings and increased confrontations of the ISIS drones with the coalition forces present in the Syrian and Iraqi regions over six months duration have raised eyebrows of the US and other nations of ISIS ability.

The coalition forces encounter with the ISIS drones have been increased in serious levels, as per reports from the coalition forces from the US side, there are at least 30 encounters have been experienced in a single week. Those drones are not only for surveillance, but some of them are capable of carrying hand grenades and small bombs which they drop on the coalition forces.

ISIS is not allowed to buy military drones from the front runner’s companies that make military drones like the US, France, Israel, and Russia. But, they are able to buy civilian drones from the several markets in the world, which they equipped with bombs sent them to drop on their targets.

Still, the US Military with other forces have able to destroy the many small ISIS drone bases present in the region, but many others arises due to its low cost of manufacturing. There are many companies in the US are offering their techniques to the military to bring down the drones with several jamming technologies.

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