Interactive Emails Boost Engagement

Interactive Emails Boost EngagementInteractive email campaigns result in higher engagement rates in comparison to traditional email messages, was observed in a recent study by Experian Marketing Services.

In comparison to the non-interactive messages, kinetic emails found an increase in the unique clicks by 18.3% and the rates of click-to-open was more than 10% in Experian’s Q4 2016 as per the Email Benchmark Report.

“Interactive email is about keeping your subscribers engaged playfully,” says design services lead at Emma, Logan Baird, and a Web-based email marketing service. “Playful engagement relates to focusing the precious resource of your recipient’s attention on your brand and creating pleasant anticipation of marketing emails.”

Baird says email marketers are able to create an interactive game in email messages promoting social media shares. Marketers could create puzzles to unlock discount codes, and Baird says this creates a mental connection between the brands and there is a sense of satisfaction in the subscriber.

Email marketers are eager to continue interactive campaigns, but they wish to know first whether or not the inboxes of their subscribers accept kinetic content.

It is really crucial that email marketers consider that email clients accept dynamic campaigns prior to hitting the “send” button. Interactive email is supported by iOS Mail, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail and AOL, while other big-name companies are to integrate to offer full support.

Having data indicating the email that your subscribers are using is the main key and Baird recommends this approach if you lack solid data to back it up.

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