Trump’s Lawyers Are Suing High School Student For an ‘Offensive’ Website

Trumps Lawyers Are Suing High School Student For an Offensive WebsiteIt seems that the president Donald Trump is kiddish more than the general imagination. He is getting into the matter extremely whenever it comes to the thinking about him of the normal citizens. An order from Trump’s legislation has come for a 17-year-old student to reduce the kitten website which is according to the Trump’s presidency is extremely ‘offensive’. Does it sound crazy? Yes, it is. Here the entire detail of the story is described apparently.

It seems that Donald Trump has nothing serious to do and so he is suing Lucy, a high school student over her website. The girl said reportedly that Mr. Trump is about to sue her. Lucy has told the news in an email interview.

The reason of Lucy’s suing is really wildest as it is a kitten website, the 17-year-old high schooler created. In the interview, Lucy revealed in detail that she just wished to make a site for adding her resume that contains fun element a little. For the implementation of her desire, she got the idea of In the website, users have to swipe the face of the president using a kitten paw. Soft soothing indie pop will play in the background while the swiping will be done by the users. It is really a great fun.   

It is clear that the sense of humor of every human being is not same and when it comes to Lucy’ case, it came up with a negative impact eventually. Donald Trump, 70, sent a legal team to Lucy to look down for the website.

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