Jane Austen: A Hero, Declared By ‘Alt-Right’ Movement of America

Jane Austen A Hero, Declared By Alt-Right Movement of AmericaIt has come up that the “alt-right” movement of America got a surprising fondness for the famous English novelist Jane Austen. The “alt-right” movement is already alleged for being comprised the white supremacist of the country and also accused of compelling the current President Donald Trump for the US presidency during the campaign in last November.

The websites, as well as the blogs of “Alt-right” very often reference Jane Austen. They frequently praise the famous British author for her clear traditionalism regarding marital subjects. The “Alt-right” movement also demanding the author’s writing supports the views of them regarding the racial cleanliness and also on subservient wives.

An assistant professor of Colorado University English department, Nicole Wright has found and described that there are multiple variations of thinking of alt-right and Jane Austen. She said that the several variations belong to many aspects. Number one, the symbol of sexual cleanliness, number two, the standard-bearer of a faded white traditional enlightenment and number three, exception that confirms the law of female inferiority, Nicole Wright explained the points.

The autonomous “alt-right” movement has been alleged and criticized frequently for their activities such as being racist and trying to make up America a white nation. The “alt-right” movement was precisely associated with Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign last year. Steve Bannon is one of the advisors who have proximity to the current president and he also ran the news website named Breitbart.  Bannon on last August has explained that Breitbart is the perfect platform for alt-right movement.

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