Android tablet apps is anticipated to be better this year

Android tablet apps is anticipated to be better this yearA new Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 can be bought. A general view is that the android app is not good on tablets. In the past and still now problems existed. Now wait, there is news:

Motorola Xoom review, 2011:
Tons of promise on the tablets software giving Honeycomb new access to 3D tools, but majority titles is not working on this resolution on a 10.1 inch screen.

Motorola Xyboard review, 2011:
Very few tablet friendly apps and an overhaul of the app also did not come with optimizations that everyone is waiting before investing heavily in this software.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 review, 2012:
Ice Cream Sandwich improved the Android tablet show, but the OS’s problem was not resolved. The friendly apps for the tab is increasing, but too low and most apps are blown-up phone apps.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 review, 2012:
The android has good apps and games, but dealing with it on this tab on a 10 inch screen does not look good.

Nexus 7 review, 2012:
Android suffers on tablets due to developer support. In fact, Twitter apps also need to be updated to fit as tablet friendly design. Though, Pocket is optimized a bit, though it is not working perfectly. Some apps are not as tab optimized. However, hope to see changes with The Android 4.1 SDK.

Pixel C reviews, 2015:
The android tablets are not fully optimized that they are not working perfectly. in fact, even the Hangouts is a mess on this device.

Hope to see better android apps for tablets!

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