Three US Soldiers Injured, As An Afghan Soldier Opened Fire At Camp Shorab

Three US Soldiers Injured, As An Afghan Soldier Opened Fire At Camp ShorabIn Camp Shorab, Afghanistan, an Afghan soldier opened fire in the camp at and caused three of the present US soldiers being wounded in action and later the soldier was shot dead by the other present US soldiers.

A statement released by the NATO-led Resolute Support mission, which said the injured American troopers are being admitted into the camp’s hospital and are receiving medical attentions. And on the other hand, the Afghan Military spokesperson, Rasoul Zazai, made a statement which says about the time took the place of the incident, which was happened around at 3 p.m. Afghan local time, and the place is located in the Helmand province of the country.

The Afghan Special Forces soldier who is now dead is said to have been made mistakes by the authorities of the Afghan Military and also labeled the actions were not deliberate, which is a bigger mistake by the soldier, said by the spokesperson, Zazai.

The American base officials are concerned over the attack inside the base by an Afghan soldier, which is they considered as “an insider attack,” because there are currently 13,000 foreign soldiers are there remain in the country, which needs supports of the local military. If the local military behaves like that, then it will be hard to continuing trust in the local military, while fighting the Taliban in the enemy territory.

Before, an Afghan soldier shot dead an American serviceman and a civilian contractor in 2016, and another incident like this happen to two Romanian soldiers have lost their lives.

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