A Case Of Two High School Students Charged With Raping Of A Female Classmate Is Still Pending

A Case Of Two High School Students Charged With Raping Of A Female Classmate Is Still PendingIn Maryland, two high school students, among them one has an “Alien Removal Case” is pending as of now, for raping a 14-year-olf female classmate on this Thursday morning. The two accused forced the female student by taking her to the bathroom and ferociously raped her, as per the police reported.

Both the suspects are aliens to the United States and had arrived in the country, one is from Guatemala, and another is from El Salvador, respectively names of them are Henry E. Sanchez, and Jose O. Montano, both are teenagers, 18 and 17-years-old. As per the police reports, both of these guys are from an outside country, so the alien removal law can be applied to them, which is marking them as a rapist, murderer, terrorists, and others, and deport them to their country with the accusation.

While in the case the person from El Salvador, named Montano, is being regarded as an adult despite his age, on the other hand, the seriousness of his crime, and the Guatemalan person is above 18 years, so there will be no problem in accusing him of the vicious crime. Both of them were charged with first-degree rape, as well as two counts of first-degree of a sexual offense, and they were also being held without any bond or bail, which is according to the District Judge Eugene Wolfe said, they deserve even more cruel treatment than they are getting.

The incident occurs inside the high school bathroom, and thus the authorities, including Judge Eugene are concerned over the student’s security from their fellow students is necessary.

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