Northern East Coast Seen A Massive Snow &Sleet Session In The Post-Winter Blizzard

Northern East Coast Seen A Massive Snow &Sleet Session In The Post-Winter BlizzardOn Tuesday, from Washington-to-Boston, the situation is all the same apart from few differences, and the same part is the snow and sleek presence in all the way in the mentioned corridor. The situation has halted many places with snow and sleek, along with the total halt of flight service in every northeastern region to the northwestern region of the country.

On other news, “Stella” the perfect storm has hit the East Coast and with its sloppy storm with high powered wind have cut-off the power of more than 100,000 homes and buildings in the regions from Virginia to Pennsylvania. In the big cities, all the school, colleges, and offices are closed, and along with all the roads are closed due to snow-covered roads alarm. The authorities in these areas, have already ordered to close all public entities, along with private firms, and also issued warning signs for the snow covered roads.

There is snow covered just 17 to 19 inches in the mid-southeastern regions and heavier till 30 inches or more than that in the far northeastern bordering areas. Comparing the snow regions state-wise, Virginia is having lesser snow till 19 inches, whereas in New Hemisphere or Maine the numbers were more than 30 inches.

Though all the transport has been halted in the region, still there has been some news about some crashes, which includes the police reports. One of the news is from the Chicago expressway, where at least 35 cars were crashed and left with minor injuries without any fatalities.

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