Northeast snowstorm in the U.S. is under blizzard warning

Northeast snowstorm in the U.S. is under blizzard warningNorth east is pushing winds to the US East Coast that people are under a warning as a monster storm is expected.

More than 7,800 US flights were canceled between Monday to Wednesday and thousands of schools were closed. Warnings of winter storm and watches have been hoisted from Ohio and West Virginia into Maine.

Local and state authorities also have warned residents to avoid unnecessary travel as winds in some coastal areas could hit 50 mph to 60 mph, thereby reducing visibility to zero.

A cautioning of blizzard warning with high winds in combination may result in poor visibility with snow was in effect Tuesday morning for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, upstate New York and the six New England states.

Tuesday morning heaviest snow weather models were shown, more than 2 feet could hit New York’s Hudson Valley, northeastern Pennsylvania and Vermont and New Hampshire parts.

Tuesday morning snow is falling in Washington DC up through Philadelphia, and New York City. This is what the Northeast snowstorm shows right now.

The federal government resources have maps to check weather conditions, flight delays, and traffic and road closures in your area. The map shows New York City may get around 8 inches of snow on Tuesday with more amounts to the west and north. Nearly 4 inches had fallen by 8 a.m. ET at Central Park. Wind gusts as strong as 45 mph are possible and snow may have a mix with rain or sleet.

Amtrak’s has suspended service between New York City and Boston and Empire Service between New York City and Albany, New York.

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