The United States Of America Is Volkswagens Favorite Market

The United States Of America Is Volkswagens Favorite MarketThe CEO of Volkswagen Mr. Matthias Muller said on Monday morning in a press conference held in Frankfurt that the United States is one of the favorite markets for Volkswagen. The total number of Volkswagen cars in the United States is more than any other country as the people love this brand here in the US and prefer to buy these cars because of their longevity and performance on the roads here.

They presently have their personalized car manufacturing and assembly unit at Chattanooga which is in Tennessee and makes luxury cars there. Volkswagen is planning to invest more in the country in coming days and bring up more and more manufacturing and assembling units in the country. They have over million customers in the US and now are planning to increase it even more in the coming days with newer and better cars.

Matthias used the word “Core Market” which itself is a big title given to the US by the company and said that expanding their market base in the United States is the joint decision of the owners and directors of the country.

This is a little surprising as the US authorities had discovered and revealed in the public that Volkswagen is using customized software’s that would give wrong rather a fake report of gas emission from the cars. This can also be a try to improve the already damaged image of the company in the country of United States which will soon or late make the already bitter relation between the company and the US a little better for sure.

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