Samsung Launches New 2017 TV Range

Samsung Launches New 2017 TV RangeSamsung is never out of business and it is now ready with the Samsung’s huge 2017 TV range. This Korean brand has given a surprise suddenly by coming up with a brand new model.

It was launched in Paris at an event and the launch of Samsung’s QLED flagship TVs, is out and you need not remember it by any number as it is referred to as The Frame. The key point that is going to catch up with the sales is its designed look that is more of a picture frame than any typical television.

The advantage of the Frame is that it can be changed as you wish and you can also mount the Frame TV on a stand, if you do not wish to hang it on a wall. No doubt, this new Frame TV appears like a painting and not any more the typical television look.

The integrity of the design is enhanced using invisible connection technology. There is external connection box with thin, transparent cable to wall mount the Frame TV without the cables running at the sides or bottom edge.

Samsung has designed for the Frame TV a ‘No Gap Wall Mount’ enabling it to hang more or less to your wall, just as a photograph or a hung painting.

The Frame TVs will be in 55-inch and 65-inch versions. However, the cost is not known and it is not clear if there will be the new QLED technology available in their 4K screens or not.

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