The United States Will Be Hosting The Next Anti ISIS Coalition Meeting

The United States Will Be Hosting The Next Anti ISIS Coalition MeetingThe biggest meeting against the ISIS terrorism in the Islamic countries will be held this month in the United States. It is expected that more than 65 countries will be coming together in this initiative to wipe out ISIS from the face of earth. This is the first time something is being implemented at such a massive rate against a terrorist group.

Special security arrangements are being made in order to provide the delegates coming for the meeting from all parts of the globe. The reason behind this is that when something like this is going on especially against a terrorist group then they may try to create a chaos in the place. The names of the delegates representing the countries will be revealed soon as for now the list of the names still remains a secret for various security reasons.

The US army has done its best in order to ensure that ISIS is wiped out from Syria and the Islamic states. A lot of people in these countries are suffering due to the acts of these terrorist groups and the world now is coming together to fight against this group. There will be a lot of things discussed in this meeting like how to fight terrorists in their own area, how to deploy more and more armed forces in these Islamic states and yes how to save innocent people from being killed,

The meeting will be held in Washington DC on 22nd March and will be hosted by Rex Tillerson who is presently the secretary of the state now.

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