Outage Hits Outlook, Xbox, Skype, And Other Microsoft Services On A Massive Scale

Outage Hits Outlook, Xbox, Skype, And Other Microsoft Services On A Massive ScaleOn the very beginning of Tuesday morning, there has been a massive outage hit on all the internet-based Microsoft Services worldwide, and people have experienced severe problems, especially with Outlook, Xbox, and Skype.

Outlook is one such service offered by Microsoft are being used by millions of users across the globe, and on Tuesday, people faces difficulties to get logged into the email service on their mobile platforms, and at the same time on desktop systems, it shows the same. At the initial of the disturbance, there was a message circulated on the Internet from Microsoft that “your internet is not connected,” which was auto-generate messages.

In the case of Skype also similar problem faced by the user, as users first faced log in problems with their mobile platforms, and when the users try to log in from a desktop, it shows some errors.

The Xbox users faced problems with signing in to Xbox Live, which was shortly answered by the authorities from Microsoft, as there has been a problem which is identified and a team is working to resolve the issue and will go online as soon as possible.

The major disrupt first occurred in the East Coast of the United States, and it went viral on the social networks, about the outage, and millions of users went active on Twitter and Facebook to show their disabilities.

The incident with Microsoft is the third outages that were faced on the East Coast in two weeks, and the last one was with Amazon Web Service, whereas, Facebook was before that.

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