Drones Will Be The New “Rainmaker” In Near Future

Drones Will Be The New Rainmaker In Near FutureIn future, the term “rainmaker” will not be related the American movement of getting rich, but the term can be stimulated to the older generation myths about forming rain from the clouds. In previous times, according to the myth, this is possible due to prayers and other things, but in reality, a look towards the future, it is possible by using some drones.

As some groups of scientist have seen the potential uses of drones soon in the future and it will not be limited to aerial photography, news coverage, and rescue operation, but will do other serious activities too like it can be used in creating rain. The idea of making the rain from clouds has come from science, called cloud seeding. In fact, this theory has been tested in practice in a FAA site in Nevada, which is just north of Las Vegas.

According to the scientists, the theory of cloud seeding is concerned with using a plane, which can release flares of silver iodide from its wings into the clouds. The chemical theory behind this is to generate more ice particles inside the clouds and thus it will be able to enhance precipitation, and will finally make a fall. There are also certain limitations with this method that is about the weather condition, which should be in a right form, except the cloud cover and the presence of the storm.

The scientists have more things to test on the drones and the chemical compounds, before using it in real scenarios.

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