Verizon Assures 5G by Midyear to 11 Cities

Verizon Assures 5G by Midyear to 11 CitiesVerizon is now getting on 5G with. The 5G home internet service will be first arriving to 11 cities by this year mid and the cities are Atlanta, Ann Arbor, Brockton (MA), Bernardsville (NJ), Denver, Dallas, Houston, Sacramento, Miami, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

This will not be in the phones. It will be referred to as 5G NR and includes several stepping stones to enter a 5G world. This appears a pre-5G, which Verizon and AT &T are announcing to launch this year as gigabit home internet.

Verizon also has a business reasons. It rolled out in 2010 its Fios home internet. However, Verizon, in most places lack TV and home internet service, while AT&T has a Direct TV service, but does not provide home internet. These pre-5G rollouts allow AT &T and Verizon to steal customers from the dominant cable companies that are providing home internet and also the TV service.

The 5G early home design from Verizon will involve antenna to push out of a window and this will link a device within your home and thus provide Wi-Fi. Scientists are working to provide coverage indoors on high frequencies referred to as ‘millimeter wave’ that AT&T and Verizon plans for 5G service use. These high frequencies have trouble in penetrating the walls.

Verizon has not given the rollouts or locations dates nor has it mentioned the prices. There may not be much of the ultra-low broadband prices, in case the template is using the Google Fiber, it will be like spending more buck.

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