Facebook Faces Technical Error: Making Users Unable To Log Into Their Accounts

Facebook Faces Technical Error Making Users Unable To Log Into Their AccountsOn February 24, significant numbers of Facebook users were unable to open their accounts over some technical glitch that spreads across in the continents.

According to some of the reports, there were several Facebook users across the Northern Atlantic Oceans reported on other social media, and complaint about the technical error malfunctions stormed several thousand Facebook users’ accounts at 1 pm. The range spread from the east coast of the United States to several western European countries.

The problem user faces were their accounts were automatically logged out and not able to log in back to their account, and this sparks the outrage and bashing of the Facebook’s technical abilities throughout the North Atlantic countries.

The outrage sparked on the internet easily through other social media, and because of fear among the users that their account information might have compromised by the handlers or any cyber hackers. To prevent the panic, the Facebook developers have distributed reset an email to the affected users, but that reset plan couldn’t make an impact on the social media crisis and making it worse.

After sometimes, the Facebook authority have found the problem and fixed it, which was a technical error rather than a security threat, as per Facebook’s spokesperson. Facebook also clarifies that the users whose accounts were not accessible, should not have to worry about their security matter which is safe as their profiles are because the technical teams have managed to eliminate the problem, which might not appear in the future.

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