The US Army Found The Inflight Gone Missing Drone

The US Army Found The Inflight Gone Missing DroneAn Army drone went missing while on a training flight from Fort Huachuca, Arizona on January 31, and on this Thursday, February 9 it was found by a hiker in Colorado, which is hundreds of miles away from where it got lost.

This drone was a property to the US Army and costs around $1.5 million, and when it was found by a hiker, who got its sight by the shadow on the foothills of West Denver, it was losing a wing. According to a Fort Huachuca spokeswoman, Tanja Linton, “there is an investigation placed to look for what could have happened to the drone several days ago.”

According to some more sources, nine days ago the soldiers present on the Fort Huachuca have lost contact with the drone, and finally lost the control over it as claimed. It was also said, a search was initiated on the scene, but it failed due to the lack of direction it went and assumed it might get crashed or broke apart in the area.

The speculations over the drone went missing didn’t stop there, and according to some local newspapers, the blowing and gusty winds might have downed the drone. As per the weather station, the wind was indeed very blowing in that area at that time, and these strong winds could have taken the drone moved hundreds of miles away from its initial area. The army officials also confirmed about the drone’s capability of flying, which is from eight to nine hours straight.

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