A Mother Of Two Got Deported Eight Times From The Country

A Mother Of Two Got Deported Eight Times From The CountryThe incident starts after in Phoenix, were a mother of two children named Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos went to the immigration office to check-in the US on Wednesday. According to the report, this is the eight times she’s visited in the US since her 2008 arrest after convicting her for using a fake social security number.

This undocumented immigrant was detained and deported within 24 hours to her country in Mexico, but this time it was different. According to her lawyer, who claims that this is the direct result of President Trump’s ban on the illegal immigrants, but, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials claims that there is nothing special about this case, and she paid when she broke the law.

According to de Rayos, she has no regrets, and she said, “I had come to this country when I was a teenager with my parents, and living here for over two decades, but since I am staying illegally and working under a fake social security number I was being thrown out.” None of these incidents have made regrets on her, and she says, “I will try this again and again, I do this for my children, who are in the US, studying for a better future and I have no regrets for this because I love them.”

She has to get going with this fight to earn the suitable money so that she can get enough to make her children live in their country and get succeed in life.

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