3 Killed In An Attempted Robbery In The City Of Jackson

3 Killed In An Attempted Robbery In The City Of JacksonIn the city of Jackson, Mississippi, on Thursday night at Westwood Apartments, when many of the residents were playing dominos in an apartment, and others entered and tried to rob them.

It was an incident which has the motive to robbing a particular part of the Westwood Apartments with good hope. According to the Jackson Police officials, as soon as the robber came into the apartment, and started looting the people, one of the neighboring members of the apartment has called the 911 for help, and police came in time as well.

When the robber’s moving out, the police came and halted their moves by surrounding them, it is said by the viewers, that they were given fare chances to surrender. But, eventually, they fired at the police and in that exchange of fire two of the robbers shot dead in the process out of four robbers. The third got injured very badly and while rushing toward the hospital, got some trauma and died later in the hospital, and the fourth one is also wounded but not badly and in the hospital, and later will be in custody, said by the Jackson police.

According to Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart, “we have identified the two dead robbers, who all die of multiple wounds, and their names are Dominique Garrett and Jessie Kelly, both of them at 23, while the third is still not identified.”

Later it was confirmed, the wounded one’s name is Marquis Garrett also 23-year-old, and he is the brother of former Dominique Garrett.

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