Kim’s Latest Comment on the Surgeries of Dr. Ourian Seems She Is Going Again for More

Kims Latest Comment on the Surgeries of Dr. Ourian Seems She Is Going Again for More

Is Kim going for more surgeries? Rumors buzz off as she said that the sessions of Dr. Ourian are always unbeatable. Hopefully, Kim has back again in her world famous features. On 7th February she visited the clinic of her long time cosmetic dermatologist at late night. She acclaimed that Dr. Ourian’s surgeries are always ‘the best’ for her.

Do you know how to make mishmash with perfection? Almost all the fan of Kim Kardashian, moreover, her haters as well, are dying right now to know what Kim Kardashian, 36 is planning to do with her popular face since she had done a session with her cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian at evening. People are eagerly waiting to know where the next surgery would be done on her amazing visage. For each and every woman belongs to Kardashian-Jenner family, the cosmetic dermatologist is the go-to guy without a doubt, especially when it comes to the world famous lip plumping of all the Kardashian ladies and the Jenners. But, Dr. Simon Ourian is also popular for injecting botox any portion of the body, same as the face. Kim is undoubtedly obsessed with the Doctor’s skillful work.

On her tweeter account, the socialite and the reality TV star has shared the news that she has done a touch-up. Through the tweet, she informed the fans that it is really the best for her to visit Dr. Ourian’s clinic at late night for a session. She is always apparent and never shy to say that how much she likes to keep her face flawless, as well as wrinkle free by going under the knife for surgeries.

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