Gisele Bundchen Propelled Tom Brady to Take Off After the Comeback from Super Bowl

Gisele Bundchen Propelled Tom Brady to Take Off After the Comeback from Super Bowl

Tom Brady, the record-breaking quarterback for the New England Patriot revealed that his wife the once-upon-a-time supermodel Gisele Bundchen was begged to take retire after the Super Bowl 51 championship comeback.

To the SiriusXM NFL Radio, the hero of the 2017’s Super Bowl told in an interview that Gisele, the Brazilian supermodel requested him to get the retirement after Sunday’s big match. Tom and Gisele have been married for eight years and according to the player, Gisele pleaded with him almost three times since the winning of Super Bowl LI. Under the leadership of Tom, the New England Patriots won the game on Sunday at Huston, Texas by 34-28 touchdown. The team got the trophy after defeating Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 2017.

Tom told that the decision completely depends on his wife Gisele as Victoria’s Secret model would have him to retire now. She was requested Tom thrice at that special Sunday night. Tom, 39, gave this statement in the interview on Monday. But, he is not ready to take off as per his statement revealed. He responded her back by saying that at that particular time it is hard to get retired from the game as Tom is enjoying it the fullest right now with great fun.

Brady firmed a record after being the fourth most-valuable-player of Super Bowl. He won the award due to lead one of the great and remarkable comebacks in American football history’s finale bash.

Tom threw 466 yards Super Bowl-record, two touchdowns along with an interception. The great form is the reason behind his fourth Super Bowl Most valuable Player award record.

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