Rob and Assault to Former Music Producer Puts Chief Keef Behind the Bars

The search for chief Keef is over now. The rapper got caught by the police ultimately for allegedly pulling a residential invasion. Inside the home he broke in and also he beat up violently a music producer with whom he worked before. now, he is inside the jail for the charges of robbery, as well as assaulting.

The 21-year-old rapper got captured by the police after a week-long search. The police had been looking for him due to allegedly involved in the home invasion of none but his own former producer. The search warrant against the rapper was issued on 26th of January for invasion into the house of Ramsay the Great‘s place. The local police handcuffed Keef along with another person and both now facing charges for assaults and robbery.

Ramsay brought the accusation against the rapper saying that he along with four other guys broke into his home and have beaten him badly for a phone argument. In the social media, Ramsay shared a video showing how brutally the group was tortured him. He accused that the group not only broke up the door but also punched him suddenly in the face. That is not enough. He added that a member of the group even threatened him with AK-47. He said more that he never claimed to be a member of a gang or something like this. He claimed always to be a producer only. The group has stolen his Rolex watch, his ring, along with $1600. He said all these things on a social media site through a video that showed his beaten and bloody face.

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