Experts’ Concern Shows That the Ban on Muslim May Lead To More Terror Activities

Experts Concern Shows That the Ban on Muslim May Lead To More Terror Activities

It is time to be more concerned for all the people throughout the world after the banning proposal on Muslims by the US president. The news is utterly disgusting, saying the experts. The experts think that the decision of banning Muslim in America might be a backfire to the country which could be lead more problems inside America. The prohibition may use as a ‘weapon’ by the terrorists against the country, according to the exclusive reports of experts. The President may want to kick out evil from the United State but contrary, it might work as more terror activities in America.

On last week the new president of the United States, Donald Trump, 70, approved an executive commandment after signing on paper. According to the order, from seven ascendant Muslim countries, people and refugees are barred to get entered in America. The ban is till date authorized for 90 days at least, causing outrage. On 3rd of February, the president on twitter posted that the citizens of the US must throw out the evil from the country. Whatever the consequences will be later, but according to the experts, the news is enough to let in the haters inside America to enhance terrorism. Muzaffar Chishti, a Lawyer told exclusively that the ban may lead to terrorism more instead of reducing it in lesser. The decision conveys an important emphasis to the people who are against of Muslims and also to the people who are endeavoring to initiate manpower for their own cause. The lawyer said these all with genuine explanation while showing his concern for the people of America.

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