Son’s First Birthday- Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth Reunited to Celebrate

Sons First Birthday Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth Reunited to Celebrate

Freddie Tomlinson just a year old and is ready to rock the milestone by celebrating the day with his parents. The 1-D band member father and young mama Briana Jungwirth celebrated the birthday of their 1-year-old son and helped him to blow the candles. It was extremely adorable which brought the cute family together. For the cute baby, two special cakes were made which was brought by his father.

It is undoubtedly a memorable birthday for the 1-year-old Freddie Tomlinson as he celebrated his first birthday with both the parent in an intimate family get together. Usually, the couple never comes along very often but this time, Freddie brought both Briana and Louis, 25 closer. It was utterly loveable to see that the parent helps their baby to celebrate the big day making extra special memories. The images show that all were happy and enjoyed their time being together.

Briana shared one picture and a video footage to show the fans how happily she and Louis celebrated the first milestone of their baby boy’s life. The picture and the video were posted on 21st of January. The video shows that Louis holds the baby closer to as much possible tightly while his baby mama gifted him a white beautiful cake that featured Freddie’s cute image and also captioned ‘Happy Birth Day Freddie’. It was an absolutely cute moment. In the still image, she captioned ‘Special first birthday’ and also added a smiling emoji.

Later, more pictures are shared by Briana featuring two delicious dessert images of the birthday treat.

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