At PCA, Camila Cabello Is Replaced By The Rock in Fifth Harmony, the Amazing Thing Ever About The Girl Band

At PCA Camila Cabello Is Replaced By The Rock in Fifth Harmony the Amazing Thing Ever About The Girl BandIt is quite earlier that the girl band Fifth Harmony has found its former cute member Camila Cabello’s substitute. The band first time appeared in public At the People’s Choice Awards’ function since Camila left the group. And on the January 18th, the group bonded backstage with The Rock.

After the performance, followed by the winning the award as the Best Group, the girls gave big thanks to their fans. In the function of People’s Choice Awards, they recorded a message to convey the gratitude on 18th of January.

While the recording was going on, Normani Kordei said thank you to the fans to help them 2017 kick off. During the message recording, the girls got interrupted by Dwayne Johnson, famously known by the name The Rock who was popped up all of a sudden. He teased the ladies by commenting on camera that if the fans could get the smell, the girls are cooking. He said in a loud voice by teasing that the girls are tough at work when it comes to doing something good.

The four members of the band earlier of the night performed on stage by singing their super hit song “Work From Home”. However, people loved their performance although the fifth member, the 19-year-old, Camila was not there with the girls as she quit the band last year. it was a shock to the fans, as well as to all the four ladies as well, when Camila in the last year’s end announced to leave the group for pursuing a solo career.

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