Michelle Obama Became Nostalgic During the Walk through the White House with Her Two Dogs

Michelle Obama Became Nostalgic During the Walk through the White House with Her Two DogsIt is the emotional moment for the outgoing First Lady of the country. Michelle Obama took her beloved dogs, Bo and Sunny, on the final walk throughout the White House prior the entering of the Trump family, followed by the presidential inauguration which will be held 20th January. Here is the clip of their sweet stroll you can check.

Undoubtedly, Michelle Obama is one of the all time favorite residents of American people of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The furry members of the Obama family, Sunny and Bo are adorable and loved by the people of the country as well. The people of America’s First Lady showed off a clip of her cute friends on January 18th. In the clip, she shared the last walk along with the cute doggies all over the White House being a pretty nostalgic. She along with her outgoing president husband, the 55-year-old Barack Obama and their two beautiful daughters, 15-year-old Sasha and 18-year-old Malia will move out from the presidential residence on January 20 after the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the country. Honestly, likewise the lovely lady, the clip made us sobbing also.

In the Instagram video Michelle Obama captioned that she is taking the cute doggies on one last walk across the People’s House. It showed a bittersweet walk of the team throughout the White House which was their home for the last 8 years. It was defiantly the hardest stroll for the group. However, it might not be so tough for Bo and Sunny but, for the First Lady, it is intensely emotional as she brought up her two daughters here with husband Barack while simultaneously run the country also.

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