Obama To Look Upon Restrictions Made On Press By Donald Trump

Obama To Look Upon Restrictions Made On Press By Donald TrumpPress media plays an important role in describing about the city and building an image in front of the public- as stated according to Barack Obama.  At his every trip and travel Obama highlights the importance of press media as the source of imparting the works done by representatives to the public.

But President-elect Donald Trump has put some sorts of restriction on press media while he was campaigning during President Elections. According to White House press secretary Obama would very soon have a look and direct a message on final news conference. He would highlight the importance of free media which is neglected by Trump.

Press secretary asks the entire media to highlight every question at the conference form Obama. He is sure to give importance to their efforts and would gladly show his interest. This is why Obama would attend his last Presidential conference at White House briefing room rather than in the dining room where is attended his entire important conferences.

Last time Trump shouted at one of the reporters and has given the media and the upcoming event an added significance. Critics really appreciate for Obama’s effort of prosecuting whistleblowers and various journalists who record and manipulate the wordings.

At the deliberate performance several journalists put their hands up. Obama always states media and press journalists to be accountable and transparent without any biasness while building the image of the government. They should describe both symbolic appearance and actual performance made by the government.

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