Hospitalized Former President H.W. Bush Is Now Doing Well

Hospitalized Former President H.W. Bush Is Now Doing WellThis week the former President of US as hospitalized due to ill health in Houston. According to chief of staff of Bush he is now very well and is expected to be released this week. Houston has turned to 92 years and was going through ill health from few days aback. Due to this he was admitted to Houston Methodist hospital earlier this week.

One of his Chief staff named Jean Becker reveals the media that the honorable former President of our state H.W. Bush is now really doing very well. He only revealed about his hospitalization in Houston and also of his ill health. Without going in detail he smartly handles the situation with quick and short reply of his welling health.

Also later this week there would be biggest inauguration and ceremony in the country. It would be an important occasion for entire nation as President elect Donald Trump would finally be sworn as a President of United States of America. Due to ailing health it is expected that the former President H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara would not be able to attend such an inaugurating occasion held later this week.

It is very sad to know that Bush has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Due to such an uncommon disease he has been deceased from mobility that is he is not able to move from one place to another by his own. Due to this last year too in Maine he fell off and broke his neck bone.

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