Mr. Obama’s Love For Golf Inspires All Of Us

Mr Obamas Love For Golf Inspires All Of UsBarack Obama has always known for surprising the world with his way of thinking. Many of you might not be aware about his passion of golf. If look back in the eight years journey of Mr. Obama in the White House, he have played a total number of 306 rounds of golf and it is a quite higher score.

In comparison of George W. Bush, these golf rounds are quite higher. He played golf in the White House only 24 times. But he chuck it completely in 2003. The reason behind chucking golf was that he realized that his images playing golf do not sound good since many soldiers are fighting and losing their life in Afghanistan and Iraq.

On the other hand, there are some other golfing presidents like John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton love playing Golf but they never wish to caught in camera and wish to cover their hobby to come into the light. Needless to say that Mr. Obama also tried the same but did not get success as everyone wishes to come across about his movements.

People are showing interest to watch videos in which Obama playing Golf in a very sophisticated manner and you would be left speechless seeing his golf related skills and interest. Mr. Obama’s love for golf can surprise anyone since he was not that much good at playing golf. But gradually, he honed his skills and now quite good at playing golf.

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