Kamiyah Meets Her Biological Parents After 18 Years

Kamiyah Meets Her Biological Parents After 18 YearsThough it sounds a kind of movie story, but it is true. The 18 years teen united with her biological parents. According to the sources, she was abducted as a new born. Now, she has grown up and understands everything. She was raised by a woman and she always will be loveable for her.

The parents of kidnapped teen are quite happy after getting her back in their life. When it was asked how she is feeling, Kamiyah (name of the kidnapped new born) replied that it is great for her. She did not know that she has kidnapped as she a new born at that time. She will love her both mothers.

She didn’t even think that she would be ever meeting her family but it was in her destiny so it happened. She also added that this incredible happiness cannot be explored in words. It is just an amazing feeling that one can only experience.

According to the source, the abducted teen was abducted from hospital. The woman who kidnapped the new born girl holds also criminal records. Now, she is behind the bars. The interrogation from her by the police unearthed many secretes.

She shared that she abducted the new born in 1994. But after that a woman raised the abducted kid in a great way. In other words, the woman who raised her played the role of mother incredibly. And that is why the abducted girl also love her as same as her biological mother.

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