Interrogation Is Going On, Noor Salman Supposes To Live Behind Bar

Interrogation Is Going On, Noor Salman Supposes To Live Behind BarNoor Salman is expected to have the upcoming life in prison. She arrested one day before by FBI. Salman, wife of the Orlando nightclub gunman, is charged for helping her husband to continue the terror activities and plans.

The accused of 30 years was arrested outside of her home and has a child also. She told during interrogation that she has no idea about his husband’s plan. Salman also denied to have relations with the Islamic State Terror Group. She added she did not know anything about his husband’s involvement in terror related activities.

The “Aiding and Abetting” Charge has also imposed on her as FBI believes that she portrayed a major role in all sorts of terror activities and.  According to the former federal prosecutor, Salman cannot escaped to get charged since she is equally accused as same as her husband.

Her phone conversation and Facebook updates indicates that she known everything in a great manner and was supporting too. If someone finds supporting the illegal activities, the law will be imposed on the one. Salman’s husband already died in a shootout after claiming the life of 49 individuals.

The incident took place at the Nightclub in 2016, June 12. FBI has been hunting his wife and finally got success on the Monday. Prosecutor also said that Salman misled police as well as FBI both knowingly. It is supposed that Salman would lead towards bars as the crime is serious on her.

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