Trump Calls Salacious Allegations In Russia Dossier ‘fake news’- As It Happened

Trump Calls Salacious Allegations In Russia Dossier fake news As It HappenedThe long drawn tug-of-war between Russia and Mr. Donald Trump is taking an interesting turn overs as the incidents come up with exacerbating attacks and counter attacks on the corporate ground. Fuel was added to the fire when Mr. Trump lashed out at media and his hilarious reaction got viral across the globe.

Knee-jerking comments to the intelligence officers led the investigation team stir the murk once again. His dealings in Russia are being highly criticised and so is his reaction in the recent press conference.

Such behaviour over this fuss was unexpected from the administrative head. Conflicts of interest, business affairs, and administrative matters are to be discussed in the press meets which had been avoided by Mr. Trump till date. Blaming the collected news to be faulty and false is a kind of crack pot remedies to the entire scenario and hence a full stop should be put here.

Public duties like parliamentary and administrative affairs with Russia are a part of his rein and rule in the US which is to be handled tactfully; and here it lacks strategy and planning. Donald Trump’s harsh and sharp comments against various international organisations and his political opponents are clearly looked down upon by the hoi-polloi.

Understanding pacts and other corporate affairs involving Russia have always been a matter of dispute in the United Nations, and there after Trump’s reaction carries this forward. Much is to be elicited about this Trump Russian dossier but any organisation, individual or nation’s sentiments are not expected to get hurt.

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