A Smart Phone You Can Wrap Around the Wrist

A Smart Phone You Can Wrap Around the WristFrom the very beginning of the civilisation, we human beings along with being biological beings are social beings as well. Hence, communication and connectivity has always been our endeavour. Technological advancements started long past and are still trying to reach the ultimate zenith position in a sky-rocketing pace. With spurting smartness of human beings the enormous advancement of smart technology is quite evident especially in the first world countries.

Smart phones and their colossal evolution over time has been a great achievement. And today according to the reports one of the US based companies has developed a breakthrough in the field of smart phones that can be used so easily, in a very flexible manner and   with real convenience smart phone that can be rolled up on our wrists.

An unimaginable invention has been witnessed in the United Nations when we find that the gadget can be used as a speaker while rolled up and can also be removed and used as a traditional straight phone. This bendable property is magnificent in the sphere of modernisation and globalisation assisted by technology.

The credit for this amazing ‘Flex Phone’ goes to the ‘Royole Corporation’ which also won the innovation honour at the very prestigious CES trade show in US.  The salient features and facilities do include fitness tracking, monitoring of physical parameters etc. It also includes keeping a check on the heart rate, speed and distance travelled as well.

A flexible display and circuit system, 3G connectivity and compatibility of SIM are the added amenities to be added to the list.

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