Appendix Is Not Useless, It Stores Good Bacteria

Appendix Is Not Useless, It Stores Good BacteriaGood amount of research can turn an object’s futility to utility. In this age of surging medical issues and problems thorough research is imperative to know in depth about each and every organ of the body especially when it is thought to be least significant, futile and problematic as well.

According to reports, a few researchers from Washington (US) have discovered that the organ “Appendix” in our body carries some function along with a tendency of getting inflamated and creating a need for a surgery.

Till date the organ was thought to be just an extra organ in our system without any such use but the thought has been broken when a few fellows gave a thought upon a thorough research and decided to come out of the cocoon instead of harping on the same string.

The study shows that the organ ‘appendix’ carries some beneficial bacteria in the gut and reserves those to be used by the body. Another advantage to be added to the list is the maintenance of balance in the intestine (abdomen).

A thorough study of the evolution of the organ in an array of species has been conducted. The appendix, a blind-ended tube connected to the caecum of the intestine has evolved independently in a plethora of mammal lineages and continues to appear as a legacy once it appears in a species.

The research also states that the specific organ has evolved owing to adaptive propose. All-in-all the so called ominous thoughts about this specific organ ‘appendix’ are much waved off in the light of research conducted in US.

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