A bed to stop your spouse’s snores.

a-bed-to-stop-your-spouses-snoresSnoring is really an annoying problem which is of course a natural and biological after effect of the bending of our throat, blocking of our nostrils and owing to defective sleeping postures and positions. Though an array of products are being invented and are launched in the market to lessen this problem, the basic biology behind this could not be modified till date.

Hence, US research fellow and their team (company) did introduce a revolutionary breakthrough in this field by inventing a smart bed that can adjust itself in order to stop us from snoring and provide maximum comfort for a sound sleep.

The mechanism that works behind development of this technology is the adjustment of the bed’s comfort via real time, the 2 air chambers inside a smart mattress generally countering to each person’s side, back or stomach profiles.

As we know a sound sleep leads us to an energetic day, any obstruction during our nap should be done away with. Hence, a peaceful nap is imperative for a better life and to get rid of many other diseases and health issues as well. Snoring creates major discomfort for the people around us as well and creates an unpleasant ambience as well.

This amazingly equipped bed contains automatic snore detection device and maintains the ideal sleeping position of a person throughout the night. This development mainly retains our bed time postures. The symptoms of mild snoring in healthy adults are easily alleviated. This magnificent product also keeps in check the user’s bedtime routine and warms the bed as needed time to time. This adds to the comfort level as well as convenience of use. The alarm mechanism is like beacon on cheese for the hoi polloi feeling interested to use it. So, to summarise we can say that the ‘best of innovation’ award under the category of Home appliances was completely worth it.

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