Megyn Kelly Switches To NBC News, Hope It Will Take Her Career To The Next Level

megyn-kelly-switches-to-nbc-news-hope-it-will-take-her-career-to-the-next-levelNeedless to give introduction about the popular Megyn Kelly. However, there is sad news especially for her fans since she has left Fox News. We know she stepped in Fox News in 2004. She cleared the air about her leaving saying that she has left this news organisation and going to join NBC News to add new experience in her career.

Megyn Kelly has already created a great buzz doing her show “The Kelly File.” It requires adding that it was quite popular among the all age audience and was rated on the second number. The news also has become the most frequent topic of discussion among the fan that how the void created by leaving of Megyn Kelly will be filled.

On the other hand, Shepard Smith also announced that he wants to hire the experienced and talented journalists to expand his newsroom. Various social media platforms are flooded with this news and commenting, liking and sharing is still going on a large scale.

As per the reliable sources, Megyn Kelly switched to NBC and she will be seen hosting a daily daytime show. Apart from it, there are chances to host a Sunday news magazine program. It is also being said that this changing will be a kind of her test that if she will be able to connect herself with a broader audience on the same time. If she goes in a right way then it will add a glam factor to her anchor persona.

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