Hilary Cliton Clears, Deleted Mails Do Not Belong To Work And They Were Personal

hilary-cliton-clears-deleted-mails-do-not-belong-to-work-and-they-were-personalThe wait is over with the releasing of the latest batch of Hilary Clinton’s emails. The State Department disclosed the emails as it was doggedly engaged in FBI investigation. It is a total number of 1,280 pages mail. In this mail, different thing have been discussed in a discreet manner including what strategy she will follow to approach the world leaders, what steps she might take regarding WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and so on.

In this mail, she also cleared Huma Abedin writing that she does not take Wiki Leaks a kind of clever-game but she consider it a criminal-act against our country. As per Clinton in this mail, Julian Assange may think himself a part of clever game but there is nothing like it. As per sources, WikiLeaks unearthed more than 250,000 diplomatic cables. It is obvious that this thing created many problems for Hilary Clinton.

According to the unknown sources, it has also cleared that Clinton removed approximately 30,000 emails from the private server. She was using this private server when she was secretary of state. S

He also cleared that the deleted mails were not work related. The news also comes into the light that some additional email can be useful and can help FOIA to go in the depth of the case. It is also revealed that 60 percent mails were her personal and do not belong to work. In addition, 37 percent seems to work related and will be restored again.

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