Census Bureau Unearths It’s Amazing Current US Facts

census-bureau-unearths-its-amazing-current-us-factsCensus Bureau has created a great buzz by releasing news that an immigrant is stepping in United States’ in every 33 seconds. It does not overstate saying that it has become a topic of discussion over on various social platform. Some people are appreciating it saying that America has become the land of the people who do not say something on their own. On the other hand, some are saying that it can be more like 33 seconds.

Not only this, but Census Bureau has also released some more interesting facts. According to Census Bureau, one child takes birth in every 8 seconds. It indicated how speedily population is increasing in US. The next in this list is that one person is dying in every 11 seconds.

Though, it is a bad news, but it has also become the topic of discussion among the new age people. Some of them are taking a bit serious while some are not controlling themselves to make jokes. If all number of death, births and net international migration are added the result comes up in the form of increased US population.

It increases by adding on person in every 17 seconds. As per the Census Bureau statics, US holds third rank in the top 10 most populous countries. In this country, India with 1,281,935,911 and China with 1,379,303,771 are in the list. In the list of most populous state, Texas, Florida, New York and California also hold their space.

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