Lourd Said My Mother and Grand Mother Would Be Together In Heaven

lourd-said-my-mother-and-grand-mother-would-be-together-in-heavenRecently, we have lost two beautiful souls, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Although her fans and friends are deep sad but her daughter is still in shock.

Billie Laurd expressed her emotions saying that she has no words to display her pain. She is missing her mother and grandmother a lot. She is shattered completely due to sudden death of the two close-to-hearts.  We all know that Carrie Fisher’s mother died just after a day of her daughter’s death. Carrie Fisher got cardiac arrest while she was traveling on a plane.

Lourd, the 24 years old actor also posted a picture, in which they all three are together, on her Instagram account. In this picture, Lourd is a child. She also gives a beautiful caption to this picture writing that their wishes have always worked for her and infused strength in her. She also said that they were her strength in her tough time. Now, she has no words to express her pain. Adding to it, their support meant everything to her.

Lourd is also talented and worked in comedy-horror based TV series Scream Queens. She appeared with her mother Carrie Fisher and her grandmother at a function dedicated to 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards. She also added that her mother and grandmother would share space together in heaven. However, the news is shocking of Carrie Fisher’s fan but we all pray for her and her mother to rest in peace.

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